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What's New?Vintage Press InformationAn 'Ironside' Title and Airdate ListingOriginal NBC Stills ArchiveVintage Magazine FeaturesIronside' CollectablesEditorials and Analytical FeaturesLinks
 Episode Guide  •  Seventh Season  •  1973-1974Index 
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Sep · 13 · 73
From a Lady of the Night"

A magazine publishes uncomfortable details concerning Ironside's private life—secrets which the Chief believed only he knew.
Sep · 20 · 73
"Murder by One"
Fran is convinced that a friend's son did not kill himself, and asks the Chief to investigate.
Sep · 27 · 73
"In the Forests of the Night"
An antique tiger in the Chief's care is the target of his long-lost love, Alexandra.
Oct · 04 · 73
"Fragile Is the House of Cards"
An attorney arrives at Ironside's offices in a state of confusion. He is suffering from amnesia, and has a vague memory of leaving an unconscious man aboard a sinking ship. Ironside realises he needs to locate the boat in order to save the unknown man's life.
Oct · 11 · 73
"The Armageddon Gang"
An electronics expert vanishes while on his way home from his job at a government think tank. The evidence suggests he may have been involved in espionage, but his wife refuses to accept this. Ironside investigates, and uncovers a plot with potentially cataclysmic consequences.
Oct · 25 · 73
"House of Terror"
Ironside is asked to investigate when a young couple on a dare vanish from a locked room in a mysterious house.
Nov · 01 · 73
"The Helping Hand"
Fran and the Chief attempt to assist an exploited illegal immigrant but find the young woman is frightened and unwilling to help them in their efforts.
Nov · 08 · 73
"Downhill All the Way"
Ironside sets out to befriend an emotionally disturbed young boy who witnessed a politically motivated murder, but when an attempt on the youngster's life appears to have been successful, the Chief resigns from the force, cuts himself off from his former colleagues and starts drinking heavily.
[Commissioned as a two-part story, but originally broadcast as a two-hour “Special”, this story is available for syndication in both the format it aired in, and as two separate fifty-minute episodes.]
Nov · 15 · 73
"Mind for Murder"
Ironside encounters a man with genuine psychic abilities, and attempts to enlist his aid in bringing a murderous arsonist to justice.
Nov · 29 · 73
"The Hidden Man"
A traumatised Vietnam veteran is convinced he has seen his supposedly dead father.
Dec · 06 · 73
"Double-Edged Corner"
The Chief puts pressure on a gambler so that he can track down some killer crooks.
Dec · 20 · 73
"The Last Payment"
Mark goes undercover to expose a loan shark.
Jan · 03 · 74
"Friend or Foe"
(aka "For the Love of God")
When a package of heroin en route to court goes missing, the circumstances imply that one of two of Ironside's most trusted colleagues must have been responsible.
Jan · 10 · 74
"Two Hundred Large"
To get the proceeds of a bank robbery, a crook abducts the robber's child.
Jan · 17 · 74
"Once More for Joey"
While investigating music piracy, Fran and Ed witness a suspicious death that may be connected.
Jan · 31 · 74
"Terror on Grant Avenue"
A murder in Chinatown reveals dangerous divisions in the community.
Feb · 07 · 74
"Class of '40"
The Chief receives a request for help which leads him and Fran to his high school reunion. One by one, the members of the old football team are murdered - and one of the men on that team was Robert T. Ironside.
Feb · 14 · 74
"The Taste of Ashes"
When a young man is murdered, his mother is confronted by another shock; a young, unconventional woman claiming to be her daughter arrives at her home - but her daughter had been killed in a fire many years before.
Feb · 21 · 74
"A Death in Academe"
Ed visits an old friend, a radical professor of philosophy at the University. When one of the man's female students comits suicide, a number of attempts are made to kill him.
Feb · 28 · 74
"Close to the Heart"
A woman passes out while driving through the city and her car collides with the Chief's van. Taken to hospital, an examination reveals a bullet dangerously close to her heart - but she refuses to allow the bullet to be removed - and denies having been shot.
Mar · 07 · 74
"Come Eleven, Come Twelve"
Ed Brown in transporting a murderer to San Francisco, and when the airliner on which he is travelling is grounded in Reno, he decides to complete the journey by car - but two hit men are on his tail.
Mar · 14 · 74
"Riddle at 24,000"
On an out-of-town journey with Ed, Ironside stops off to visit an old friend of his: eccentric Cuban refugee Juan Domingo—a man who is both a practicing physician and amateur detective. Reluctantly, the Chief finds himself pressganged into helping the Doctor to solve his latest enigma….
[The original, working title for this episode: “DOCTOR DOMINGO” adds weight to my suspicion that this segment was a pilot-in-diguise for a series about the character portrayed by Desi Arnaz; he is very much the focus of attention, and a lot of time is spent defining his personality, which is a collection of the kind of larger-than-life traits that were the hallmark of some TV detectives in the 1970's; Domingo is a Cuban exile who was personally tortured by Fidel Castro; he drives an Edsel; he provides drinks for his guests by mixing chemicals from his medicine cabinet; and he risks losing his medical license by treating the pets of local children. Emphasis is also placed on two people he associates with; his vivacious secretary and a sceptical local police lieutenant. In contrast, the regular "Ironside" cast are hardly featured; The Chief's role in the proceedings is not what we would expect, and Ed and Fran have minor roles. Mark does not appear at all.]
Mar · 23 · 74
"Amy Prentiss: AKA The Chief"
When a woman is given the job of Chief of Detectives, she finds that many of her former friends and colleagues are reluctant to work for her.
[A “back-door pilot” for another series, in which the “Ironside” regulars have only minor roles, this was originally broadcast as a two-hour “Special”, and is available for syndication in both this format and as two separate fifty-minute episodes.]
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