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 GALLERY“Poole’s Paradise” 
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A shot which (I’m sorry to say) actually makes no sense. Ed, Eve, and The Chief (in reality, Raymond Burr’s stand-in) have emerged from a meeting with The Commissioner, at the end of the third season story, “Poole’s Paradise”. The Paddy Wagon has been destroyed and Ironside is about to be introduced to his new mode of transportation—”The Van”.
The Chief and his team have just emerged from the “Old” Hall of Justice (we see the name-plate briefly on the pillar to the right of the entrance) and are about to head back to Ironside’s office—which (you’re right) is in the “Old” Hall of Justice—which is where they are now…!?
By this time in the series, the Commissioner’s office was housed in the modern Bryant Street Hall of Justice—and it is this building which our team should have emerged from.
Someone clearly got confused about who lived where and which Hall of Justice was which… I’m including this shot because of this contradiction—and also because the buildings in the background give some idea of where the Hall of Justice set was (and is) located on the Universal lot.
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