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 GALLERY750 Kearny Street 
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An interesting shot for a number of reasons. This is taken from an eighth season story, where the prints used give a greyer cast to the material the “Old” Hall of Justice was made from. Secondly, it gives us a view down Washington, where the entrances to the garage were located. At the far end, we can see the silver and white vans that appear in the footage featuring the Paddy Wagon’s departures and, beyond that, the black, diamond-checked slab of One Maritime Plaza (still extant). The fact the entire north elevation of the Hall of Justice is in shadow tells us this footage was shot towards the end of the day; possibly late afternoon. Lastly, note the man in the white shirt and black waistcoat walking towards camera, along the pavement bottom right of frame. We’ll be seeing a lot of him…
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