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 GALLERY750 Kearny Street 
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An interesting shot for a number of reasons. Note the following…
•   In the aerial shots presented earlier, this street appears to be open to regular traffic, with a number of buses parked on its north side. Here, we see only Police (and, I suspect, studio) vehicles. Presumably, the street was closed off to allow the film crew to work—and on a Sunday, perhaps?
•   Note that the street sign top left has been masked with black cloth, and (as Elisabeth Thomas-Matej has pointed out) that the road markings do not possess the central dividing line that you would expect to see on a street with two-way traffic—and with good reason. This part of Washington was (and is) one-way only. Could it be that the masked-out sign was saying, "ONE WAY—DO NOT ENTER"?
•   Note what appears to be Ed Brown’s car parked at the far end of the street, to the left of the high-sided silver truck.
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