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 GALLERY750 Kearny Street 
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This shot of "The Old Law Building" only appeared once in the "Ironside" series, during the original pilot film.
It is, I believe, a piece of archival stock footage rather than something filmed exclusively for the TV Movie; the styling of the cars on view appears to be in keeping with that of the 1940's or 1950's, rather than the late 1960's, and this impression is strengthened when the vehicles in this shot are compared with those that appear in the footage we know was shot for the series. Similarly, the building and its surroundings differ markedly in appearance in a regular episode. Here, the entrance to the building is wide open; in the regular series, it appears to be sealed. In the large windows at the front of the building, Venetian Blinds can be seen; in every other story, there are none. Lastly, in the series, the park fronting the building is surrounded by railings. In this shot, they are absent.
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