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What’s New?Vintage Press InformationAn ’Ironside’ Title and Airdate ListingOriginal NBC Stills ArchiveVintage Magazine FeaturesIronside’ CollectablesEditorials and Analytical FeaturesLinks
 THE SUNDAY NEWS  •  TV MAGAZINEMay 13-19, 1973  •  pp. 1-4 
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From Page Boy to Star
Don Galloway, Happy Family Man, Tells of Plans to Do a Series on Raymond Burr’s Island in South Pacific

by Richard T. Cloonan
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CAN A onetime NBC page in New York find happiness as a co-star on NBC’s “Ironside” in California? If he’s Don Galloway, he sure can.
He may even find more of it later on in the middle of the South Pacific — in the Fijis where Raymond Burr owns an island.
Galloway, who has played Detective Sgt. Ed Brown on Burr’s popular Thursday night series since the show began in September, 1967, says “Ironside” will run only two more seasons.
“We plan to do the seventh and eighth seasons and stop. Then Ray and I will do another series in Fiji.”
But there’s no truth to the rumour that it will be called “Fiji Five-O.”
Galloway says he really did work as an NBC page full time for “eight or ten months” while he was getting his start in New York.
A drama major at the University of Kentucky, he did graduate work at the Schuster-Martin School in Cincinnati and studied further at New York’s Berghof Studios.
All that led to a regular role on the long-running CBS daytimer, “Secret Storm.” But at the same time he doubled as a stage actor and made some commercials.
While in New York, he met a beautiful actress, Linda Robinson.
“This probably sounds like one of those corny love-at-first-sight stories, but it’s true,” Galloway says, “I did a cigaret commercial in Red Bank, N.J., with Linda, went on a date with her and that was it. We were married 10 months later.”
Soon he was spotted by West Coast scouts in a short-lived Broadway show, “Bring Me a Warm Body.” That led to appearances in 30 episodes of “Arrest and Trial,” guest-starring in “The Virginian” and playing roles in two cowboy films, “Rough Night in Jericho” and “Gunfight at Abilene.”
Now Galloway, who’s 6’2” and weighs 175, and Linda have two daughters, Tracey, 8, and Jennifer, 6, and a home with a new swimming pool and hot whirlpool in Studio City, not far from where “Ironside” is produced.
Elizabeth Baur
Elizabeth Baur: Galloway’s Co-Star on ‘Ironside’
He’s on the set from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. five days a week, and it takes 8½ to 9 months a year to shoot the “Ironside” episodes. So what does Galloway do in his spare time?
“I usually do one other show a year,” he says, “like the one that ran Easter Sunday on ABC with Ray playing Pope John in the days when he was papal nuncio in Turkey.
“Ray wanted me in that one for the role of Msgr. Thomas Ryan, secretary to the future pope. One reason was that I resembled the real Msgr. Ryan—now a bishop in Ireland—when he was my age.
“But I had to have my hair dyed a more obvious red to look like him. That caused a problem later when I had to have pictures taken for your magazine cover.
“I’m a writer as well as an actor and because of the writer’s strike, I couldn’t cross the picket line at our studio where I’d normally go to have my hair put back in shape.
“I had to go to a beauty shop—and felt like a fool.”
When he isn’t working, Galloway plays a lot of poker, some golf and enjoys gardening.He makes promotional trips to speak to college students, and just recently he and Burr did TV and radio spots to promote the San Diego Heart Association.
As for the Fiji project two seasons hence, Galloway already has visited Burr’s island and is as excited about it as Burr is.
“I plan to take my family there for a visit soon,’ Galloway says, “You can go there by seaplane from Suva. Did you know Ray has 170 people working for him on the plantation?”
Burr’s island, Naitamba, is 165 miles northeast of Suva, the Fiji capital. It’s three miles wide, with more than 3,000 acres of good land.
Burr has been planting mahogany, teak, Caribbean pine and raintree on the island he bought in 1965 and has a herd of beef cattle, pigs, chickens, ducks and turkeys, along with a variety of vegetables and tropical fruits. He also had a huge dredging barge built, a 50,000-gallon water tank and a large dairy.
Don Galloway, Elizabeth Baur, Don Mitchell and Raymond Burr
‘Ironside’ cast: Don Galloway, Elizabeth Baur, Don Mitchell and Raymond Burr in wheelchair.
Naitamba’s nearest neighbouring island is 28 miles away, and San Francisco — the setting for “Ironside” — is a little farther: 5,850 miles.
Besides Burr, as Chief Ironside, and Galloway, the rest of the “Ironside” cast consists of pretty Elizabeth Baur, who plays Officer Fran Belding, and Don Mitchell, who portrays Mark Sanger.
Miss Baur, in her early 20’s, is single, and is the daughter of Jack Baur, casting director at 20th Century-Fox.
Mitchell, once a high school basketball star in Houston, was chiefly a stage actor before joining “Ironside.”
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