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What’s New?Vintage Press InformationAn ’Ironside’ Title and Airdate ListingOriginal NBC Stills ArchiveVintage Magazine FeaturesIronside’ CollectablesEditorials and Analytical FeaturesLinks
 THE SUNDAY NEWS  •  TV MAGAZINEJune 25-July 1, 1972  •  pp. 1-4 
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Miss Bauer was Barbara Anderson’s replacement.
A Cop With Curves

Raymond Burr’s Pretty Assistant Is in Her 20’s, Is Single and Looks Forward to Better Parts This Year

by Frank Judge

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ELIZABETH BAUER is acting her age these days, but, being a woman, she doesn’t like to get any closer to the truth than necessary when discussing it.
“Just make it ‘in the early 20’s,’” she said.
Acting her age means being Officer Fran Belding in NBC’s “Ironside” series. It happens to be one of the last jobs in all the world she’d like to do in real life.
“I’m not knocking it. Policewomen are very necessary, and they do a lot of good work. But it’s just something I wouldn't want to work at for a living.”
In all of her previous television work, Miss Bauer was either playing under or over her real age.
A graduate of the talent program at 20th Century-Fox, she joined the “Lancer” series as a regular, playing the role of Teresa O’Brien.
When the series ended, she did guest roles, as a student, on such shows as “The Young Rebels,” “Room 222” and “Nanny and the Professor.”
The brown-haired actress is the daughter of the casting director at 20th Century-Fox, but that proved a handicap in getting launched on a career as an actress.
“My father argued against it,” she said. “He kept telling me how tough it was on a girl.”
“But when officials at 20th Century-Fox sided with me, saying they thought I have native ability, he finally agreed to let me join the studio talent program. Now he’s all for me and my career.”
Miss Bauer, who is single, said she has “no plans for marriage. I want to give my career a real chance.”
Next fall will mark the start of her second season in the role, and she’s happy about the fact that it is being expanded.
Elizabeth Baur
‘Lancer’ series launched her television career
“We’ve completed seven episodes, and in one of them I have a major role,“ she said with obvious joy.
“It’s a love story in which Joe Don Baker portrays a cameraman who is doing a documentary on a policewoman.”
“Ironside” will film 12 episodes, then take a 10-week break before doing another 12 of the 24 that make up the season’s schedule.
“I’ll probably just rest for those 10 weeks,” Miss Bauer said. “I’d like to do a movie — theater or TV, it wouldn’t matter — but there are no plans for anything like that.”
She spoke longingly of the chance to do nothing but rest.
“There’s much about being an actress, especially in television, the public knows nothing about," she said.
“I’m up at 5:30 in the morning and it’s 6 p.m. before I’m finished at the studio. Then it’s home to study the next day’s script. When we go on location, the hours are even longer.”
It was suggested there’s one way to shorten the hours — become a real-life policewoman.
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