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What’s New?Vintage Press InformationAn ’Ironside’ Title and Airdate ListingOriginal NBC Stills ArchiveVintage Magazine FeaturesIronside’ CollectablesEditorials and Analytical FeaturesLinks
 THE SUNDAY NEWS  •  TV MAGAZINEJune 13-19, 1971  •  pp. 1-4 
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He Knows Who’s Boss
Don Galloway, One of Raymond Burr’s Aides, Says the Series Must Give Chief First Call

by Frank Judge

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Don Mitchell and Raymond Burr take a long look at crime clue.
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AFTER ALL, the name of the series tells you whose show it is. He’s the star, and we’re the co-stars and without him there wouldn’t be any show.”
Don Galloway was talking about Raymond Burr, who is Chief Robert T. Ironside in NBC’s “Ironside” series.
Galloway is Detective Sgt. Ed Brown. Don Mitchell is Mark Sanger.
Since the series started four years ago, Barbara Anderson has been Officer Eve Whitfield. She won an Emmy for her performance the first season.
But Miss Anderson has had enough confinement.
She wants to spread her professional wings, and so she has flown the “Ironside” coop and will seek greater glory elsewhere. She has yet to find the “elsewhere.”
But what would a cops ‘n’ robbers show be without an attractive girl?
So Universal, which produces the series, has hired Elizabeth Baur, now being seen on CBS reruns of “Lancer,” to be a member of Ironside’s staff.
Galloway and Mitchell are content with their roles, although all performers like as many lines of script and as much action as they can get.
“I’ve had some especially good scripts,” Galloway said. “Of course, I’d like more of them, but we know that this show was written with Ray (Burr) in mind. He has to be the star, and Chief Ironside has to dominate the stories. That’s the whole idea of the series.”
In private life Galloway is just the opposite from his professional image. Sgt. Brown is a firm-jawed policeman who rarely laughs and seldom smiles.
Galloway, however, is a light-hearted fellow who loves to browse through book stores, shoot a game of billiards, play a chess match or just pal around with his friends when he and his wife aren’t romping with their two children, both girls.
Don Galloway
Don Galloway finds most of the scenes go to Chief Ironside, but he’s not complaining
A native of Kentucky and a drama graduate of the University of Kentucky, Galloway was a regular in “The Secret Storm” soap opera. His other TV credits include “Arrest and Trial,” “Run for Your Life” and “The Virginian.” His movies include “Rough Night in Jericho” and “Gunfight in Abilene.”
Mitchell, born in Houston, studied drama at Los Angeles City College and the University of California at Los Angeles.
Collier Young, “Ironside” producer, saw Mitchell in a UCLA production and signed him for his first television role, that of Sanger, the aide for the wheelchair-bound Ironside.
With production on next season’s episodes about to resume, Burr will be returning from his Pacific tour. His stops included his Fiji island of Naitauba, Japan and Thailand, where he sponsors an orphanage.
Burr, who recently moved to a home in the Hollywood Hills, literally raised the roof soon after moving in.
He had another floor added.
Unlike Miss Anderson, if Burr ever wants to spread his wings, he won’t have to leave home.
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